Joe Mosby's blog

My name is Joe Mosby. I am a curious person, avid reader, and leader of engineering organizations. This blog is an ongoing representation of how I'm considering and interacting with the world around me.

I am the engineering leader of the R&D organization at Recharge, creating products that help e-commerce companies develop highly loyal customers. Prior to this, I was a software engineer in a variety of contexts, mostly around artificial intelligence applications, network analysis software, and publishing software. I have consulted for the Mayo Clinic, Chevron, the U.S. Department of Justice, and the U.S. Department of the Treasury on artificial intelligence applications in their missions.

Everything here is my personal opinion and does not represent the views of my employer.

Current work:

My engineering teams are currently focused on commerce operations automation, payments optimization, and cutting-edge ideas coming from our most successful merchants. Subscriptions created an entry point for developing highly loyal customers; the next phase of commerce involves enterprises creating value in a community of people who love their brand. Automation tooling lets these businesses test new hypotheses out more quickly with less effort.

I am also focused on scaling the operations of a hypergrowth software company. When I started at Recharge, I was employee #150 or so. Now there are over five hundred. My leadership role means I'm also figuring out how we continue to ship great new products quickly while operating the people, process, and products we already have.


I was born in Nashville, Tennessee, and lived there until I was three or four. I spent my formative childhood and teenage years in Jackson, Mississippi. I returned to Nashville for college and post-graduate education.

For nearly ten years, I lived in Washington, DC, where I met my wife and made most of my adult friendships. I consider this one of the more formative influences on my general attitude and personality.

Currently, I live in Denver, Colorado, my first ever home west of the Mississippi River.

Current areas of interest:

My mind has been focused on comparative culture, primarily around value systems and influences on behavior. I have been exploring cultural differences in space (American West versus mid-Atlantic East Coast versus Southern Bible Belt) and time (generational differences between Millennials, Generations Z and X, Baby Boomers, and the Greatest Generation).

As part of this research, I've been going through the curriculum of St. John's University, which aims to teach a history of Western thought through some of its most celebrated authors. I've passed through the ancient Greeks, the Romans, the medieval thinkers, the Renaissance, and am currently traversing the masters of philosophy and mathematics of the Enlightenment.

Social media:

I avoid the primary platforms in the social media world for my own mental health. I was an early user of Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Reddit, all of which aided my development in some way and then needed to be shut down later. In December 2022, I stopped doing hiatuses and deleted those accounts completely, deciding it would ultimately be healthier to forget all that history and reflect if this was something I needed in my life.

I do, however, still maintain profiles at LinkedIn and Hacker News. I am also a member of the Rands Leadership Slack and the Denver Tech Slack.

Publications and talks:

My most recent (and, in my opinion, most fun) talk was at the Harrisburg Data Analytics Summit, where I spoke about the use of graph analytics as behavioral representation.

I have also spoken on volatility detection in network traffic, edge computing, and simulating arithmetic logic units.


I have two great sports loves: soccer and baseball. My primary football club is Liverpool FC. My secondary club is Torquay United FC. I root for the Washington Nationals in professional baseball. I am often distracted by group chats surrounding one of these topics.

I enjoy cooking, and I enjoy eating. My favorite thing to cook is probably a Mughal Lamb Curry, which requires 48 hours in a sous-vide bath to pull off. I do not like eggplant one bit.

I am attempting to learn Spanish to better converse with my bilingual wife.

I really love my Peloton. I bounce back and forth between cycling, strength workouts, yoga, and meditation. I'm also a recreational footballer, and hiking is my typical endurance sport now.